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XDC-10A TV Microscope
  • XDC-10A TV Microscope
  • XDC-10A TV Microscope
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XDC-10A TV Microscope
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XDC-10A TV Microscope

Description of XDC-10A 

XDC-10A Series Monocular Zoom Television Microscope is widely suitable to use which is the remodel product of 10A series. It is important equipment of auto-monitor and checkout in industrial field. 

Features  of  XDC-10A TV Microscope

  • Main objective glasss: 0.7X-4.5X
  • eyepiece: 0.5x
  • Working distance : 110mm
  • Hand -wheel focus range: 60mm
  • Working  platform: 370x250mm  
  • Field diameter: 22mm-2.2mm
  • The video  amplification times: 20X-130 X
  • CCD Camera: VGA data port 
  • Light source:  LED ring lamp
  • Monitor: 12inch  color Monitor
  • Packaging weight: 11Kg
  • Packaging dimension: 45x40x30cm