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SMT ESD PCB Rack MD-9900042
  • SMT ESD PCB Rack MD-9900042
  • SMT ESD PCB Rack MD-9900042
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  • Model:MD-9900042
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Mingda SMT Antistatic PCB Magazine Rack have common type and heat-resistance type two types,gear track allow easy opearation
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Mingda MD-9900042 SMT Antistatic Magazine Rack,ESD PCB Rack 

Specification of the esd pcb rack

Surface Resistance:104-106Ω  

Type:common type and heat-resistance type

Overall Size:355×315×580mm 

Can accommodate 50 pieces PCB

Specification of PCB : 350×(80--250)mm

Side guide slot: depth 3.5mm,width 8mm, pitch 10mm

PCB Rack Features 

  • The top and bottom boards are made of plastic , stationary type
  • Adjustable through screws.(Allowed to be put in ageing chamber)