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PU Anti-static Boot
  • PU Anti-static Boot
  • PU Anti-static Boot
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Mingda pu anti-static cleanroom boot
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PU Anti-static Boot 


  • The sole of the ESD control shoe is made of PU or PVC; it is molded directly to upper. HAD system is employed in the design and manufacture process. The shoes have stable ESD property. They are light weight and comfortable. The shoes are available with uppers made from textile fabric, PVC or PU. The shoes are widely accepted in the EPA and controlled environments 
  • Light weight and comfortable 
  • Easy to wash and dry 
  • Non-marking white outsoles
  • Suitable for use in assembly, inspection areas of electronic and semiconductor plants


  • Material Upper: textile fabric, PU
  • Material Sole: PVC/PU/SPU
  • Resistance to ground, inner sole: 1×106-1×108Ω 
  • Resistance to ground, wearer body: 9×105-3.5×107Ω 
  • Surface resistance, outsole: 1×106-5×108Ω 
  • Sizes: 230mm-290mm

 1. Absolute environment friendly, accord with requirements of ISO9001 or above ranks environment friendly system.

2. Material of insole: wearable, slip-proof, odorous-proof, bacteria-proof.
3. The select resistance value accepted by international: 106-109 ohms.
4. High quality: two to three times longer the life of PVC shoes and one time higher than PVC pricing.
5. Wearable; our company guarantee that the PU shoes can be wore one year without no rupture.
6. Adopt Taiwan imported material: top-grade and wearable.

7. PU particle sole material imported from Japan: wearable, slip-proof.
8.A variety of styles available.