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New SIMCO Electrostatic Field Tester FMX-003
  • New SIMCO Electrostatic Field Tester FMX-003
  • New SIMCO Electrostatic Field Tester FMX-003
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  • Model:MD-003
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New SIMCO Electrostatic Field Tester FMX-003 ​
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New SIMCO Electrostatic Field Tester FMX-003 

Measuring range: 0 to ±1.49KV ( Low range)

                                ±1.0KV  to ±20.00KV ( High range)   

                                (range hysteresis: ±1.0KV to ±1.5KV)

                                0 to ±200V ( low balance measuring range)

Measuring distance: 1"±1/64" ( 25mm±0.5mm), LED guide for correct distance

                                     ( between object and field meter)
Response time: <1s
LCD display renewal rate: 5 times/s
Accuracy: ±10%
Ambient conditions: 50°-100°F, (10°- 40°), 0-60%RH ( non-condensing)
Display features: Bar graph, red LCD positive polarity voltage, blue LCD negative polarity voltage
Bar graph precision: ±0.1KV for low range ±1.5kV for high range,
                                    ±15V for ion balance range

Digital reading: Auto-ranging , three digits x.xx=0 to ±1.49KV 

                           xx.x=±1.0kV to ±20.0KV(Hi)

                           xxx=0 to 200 ( long balance)
lon balance mode display: (IB) is displayed
                                              Battery capacity display indicator
                                              HOLD switch to retain display after measurement
                                              Error sign (ERR)appears if the sense is damaged
Alarm feature: Beep sound will be heard during the following actions;
Power on: one beep
Power on with auto Off feature disabled: {Depress power button for more than 3 seconds} three beeps
Auto power-Off : short beeps at 1 seconds interval for 5 seconds before power off
Over range: continous sond
Auto power-off: Power turns off automatically after five minutes,{ A OFF} is display whenever this features is disabled
Power source: 9V, 6F22Y manganese battery
Battery life: In excess of 30 hours
Size: 123mm (L) x  73mm (W) x 25mm (D)
Weight: 170g
Case material: Conductive resin( ABS)