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MT-410 Quick Drying Glue Dispenser
  • MT-410 Quick Drying Glue Dispenser
  • MT-410 Quick Drying Glue Dispenser
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MT-410 Quick Drying Glue Dispenser
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MT-410 Quick Drying Glue Dispenser

Features of the MT-410 glue dispenser

  • Super glue dispenser is most suited to anaerobic glue, instant glue, quick-drying glue and other low viscosity liquid trace out equipment.
  • The  quick drying glue dispenser don't need to clean up after using it. The rotor part can install and remove, improve the performance of maintenance.
  • Tube spinning out glue control structure; Digital time controller; Dispensing in a micro point of touch switch, convenient operation;
  • Super glue dispensing machine does not need air pressure, it can work immediately when the power supply; Material can be directly using the original container;
  • This  quick drying glue dispensing machine can quickly make the exchange the hose without finishing; 
  • Super glue dispensing machine with automatic back to the suction function, prevent drip;


Operation Method of the MT-410 quick drying glue dispenser

  Manual mode

  •  410 type power cord connected and the instant glue dispensing machine and electricity, will switch to the MAN's position, pull designator light.
  •  Install the teflon tube.
  •  Set a positive &negative, key to transform the CW CCW we selected CCW key to transform, we selected the CW - turn clockwise.
  • Set back the pull-up VAC. ADJ. Clockwise rotation is big, small to select need numerical inversion. In manual mode best inversion close back to the suction.
  •  Adjust the DIS, ADJ, knob, set the best speed (work best speed of 50 to 120 ram)
  • Press "SHOT", or manual switch, foot switch to finish.

  Automatic mode

  • To switch to the TIME position, pull indicator.
  • Use DISPENSE TIME keys to set point glue Angle.
  • According to the above manual mode 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 programs work.

Note:  410 super glue dispensing machine in turn counterclockwise state, (DISPENSE TIME) key to back to the suction function. 

             Back to the suction knob (VAC, ADJ) into a set point glue Angle.


 Specification of the MT-410 quick drying glue dispenser

  • Speed:0~200rmp
  • Time/ gelatinize Rolling:0~999.9
  • Rolling/Back Rolling:0~400
  • Min Dot:0.0001ml
  • Liquid density: below 10000cps
  • Spit out mode: stable action (quantitative spit), manual control mode
  • Voltage:AC110V+/-10% 60Hz AC220V+/-10% 50Hz
  • Consumed power:30W
  • Dimension:188 X 168 X 88
  • Weight:3.5KG