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Magnifier Lamp MD-86H
  • Magnifier Lamp MD-86H
  • Magnifier Lamp MD-86H
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Mingda Magnifier Lamp MD-86H
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Magnifier Lamp MD-86H 

Description of Mingda Magnifier Lamp

  • Magnifier series are MD-86A,MD-86B,MD-86C,MD-86D,M
  • D-86E,MD-86F,MD-86G,MD-86H,MD-86I(including green glass and white glass.
  • B is the last serial number of white glass such as MD-86AB
  • These magnifier matches 12W circle fluorescent lamp (type D), 14W(2×7W)U shape fluorescent lamp (Type F,G,H,I) , 22W(A,B,C,E).
  • Its active arm is a special design, which can be adjusted conveniently and avoid magnifier’s vibration interfere
  • Mingda magnifier is used with USA’s updated ballast circuit, power can reach more than 0.9, the current flowing is less than 40%, which accords with IEC standard.

Magnifier Lamp Parameter

  • Voltage: 220V  +15%/ -30%    50HZ / 60HZ      110V  ±20%  60HZ
  •  Power :  λ ≥0.93
  • Current flowing: THD<40%
  • Warm-up time: tp ≤1.5second
  • Lumen: Lm ≥0.95
  • Protector: can protect the over current flow in abnormal circumstance
  • Lens: Type D is Φ90mm plus Φ12mm; Type F,G,H,I are 177×113mm rectangle lens; A,B,C,E is Φ127mm round lens.

Application of the Magnifier

  • Magnifier series can be used by circuit board test, stamp collector, infirmary, beauty parlor, reader,amateur, engineer.


  • Before usage, please pay attention whether the power supply voltage is the same with actual voltage or not.
  • When changing magnifier’s direction and position, if the adjust arm is too tight, please loose a little.
  • After adjusting well the direction and position, wrest the arm tight. DO NOT force it to move, whichcan cause parts broken.
  • Magnifier series needs a warm-up start. After you turn on the power, the lamp will warm up around 1.5 second and the lamp begins lighting normally.
  • It has protector when the lamp occurs with non-lighting etc. malfunction. The electron can self turn off and lock  up until the power is turned off.
  • If the lamp can’t be lighted, check whether the lamp is broken after a long time usage. If the lamp is broken, please change a new lamp. 
  • If you have changed a new lamp, but it can’t light, please check whether the lamp is under a normal working ( 22W lamp impedance is 5Ω, 12W lamp impedance is 10Ω,7W lamp impedance is 11Ω)and the plugs is in a good working.