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Magic Wrist Strap
  • Magic Wrist Strap
  • Magic Wrist Strap
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Magic Wrist Strap​
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Magic Wrist Strap


Bracelet (adjustable elastic) 
Material: elastic conductive nylon fiber textile and metal; 
Conductive yarn types: white silk; 
Ribbon Type: bead patterns; 
Ribbon Length: 18.5CM 
Bracelet resistance: ≤ 10e3Ω; 
Reel: PU material skin, the Pack 7 core copper platinum wire, 1MΩ resistance; 
Color: light blue; any special color is available
Cord Length: 1.8 ;2.0:2.4M; any special is available
Diameter: 2.4MM; any special is available
Injection head material: PU material; 
Banana plug type: four, lanterns; 
Button type: copper; 
Public buckle type: buckle; 
Plastic film types: A type; 
Metal film types: stainless steel.