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M-1000 Tape Dispenser
  • M-1000 Tape Dispenser
  • M-1000 Tape Dispenser
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M-1000 Tape Dispenser
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M-1000 Tape Dispenser

Tape Dispenser Usage

  • Only need to stick the tape tip to the outlet,then the tape at a required length will come out automaticlly
  • Auto mode and manual mode is selective,in Auto mode,it will cut tape automatically
  • When a long tape is needed,keep pressing"FORWARD"key to the desired length,then press"CUT"key
  • The cutter unit cassette can be removed and replaced easily(tape jamming can be also easily fixed)
  • The cutting length is shown on the LED display,you can set the cutting length easily by"CM" and "MM"key
  • Available tape type:PVCtape,paper tape,cloth tape,glass tape,pp tape,kraft adhesive tape etc.

Specification of the M-1000 Tape Dispenser

  • Available width:7-50mm
  • Available length:20-999mm
  • Display:3 digit LED
  • Power supply:AC110V 60HZ / AC220V 50HZ 18W
  • Measurement&weight:218*137*150mm 3.5kg