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Kilews KFR-1050 Automatic Screw Feeder
  • Kilews KFR-1050 Automatic Screw Feeder
  • Kilews KFR-1050 Automatic Screw Feeder
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Kilews KFR-1050 Automatic Screw Feeder
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Kilews KFR-1050 Automatic Screw Feeder

Features of the KFR-1050 Automatic Screw Feeder

  • Automatic Screw Feeder 
  • Adjustable size of feeding rail 
  • Moderation, quickness and accuracy
  • Widest range of applicable screw sizes (M1.0-M5.0mm)
  • Max of screw length & hopper capacity
  • Applicability of special screw types
  • Save parts costs & stock
  • Adjustable vibration intensity
  • Humanized multi programming control

Specification of the KFR-1050 Automatic Screw Feeder

Model Name & Number

KFR-1050 Automatic Screw Feeder


182(W) *126(L)*147(H)mm


N.W.Approx 2.17 Kgs (excluding switching adaptor)

Power source

AC 100~240V

Switching Adaptor

DC 15V Switching Adaptor

Applicable Screw

From M1.0 to M5.0

Applicable Screw Length

Up to 19mm(under head)

Scooping Chamber Capacity

200~220 cc

Accessories (in package & box)

Allen Wrench (L Shaped 2.0*107mm) *1pc.

Switching Adaptor *1Set.


(*70mm) *1pc.

Accessory (behind)       (0.2*10*20mm)*2pcs.


Stopper 2.0~5.0mm*1pc.

Instruction Manual

Package Size

Each Set/ Box282(L)*142(W)*201(H)mm

Each Set/ Box450(L) *310(W) *435(H)mm

Package Weight( including Machine)

Each Set/ Box G.W.Approx 2.63Kgs

Each Carton G.W.Approx 16.53 Kgs(One Box= 6 Sets)