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ESD Slipper
  • ESD Slipper
  • ESD Slipper
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ESD Slipper
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ESD Slipper

Description of anti-static slippers

  • Anti-static slippers include anti-static PU slipper, anti-static SPU slipper, anti-static PVC slipper, conductive EVA slipper,and anti-static foam slipper
  • They work together with anti-static clothing to constitute a full anti-static system. Anti-static slippers are not only elegant, but also light and comfortable; and firm, non-slip, excellent abrasion resistance. 
  • Its most important feature is it’s very convenient to clean, and light, low cost and good anti-static performance.
  • Colors and models can be customized according to user’s needs.
  •  It’s mainly to prevent the body with static electricity which could cause a fire, explosion and all places with electrostatic hazards, such as petroleum, such as petroleum, chemical, coal, printing, rubber, medical,purification, electronics and other industries workplace

Features of the anti-static slippers

It is skid-proof, dust-free and anti-fatigue.
The sole and upper are very tenacious. 
It is also full of wear-resistant.
Easy to wash and dry.