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ESD Non-woven Face Mask
  • ESD Non-woven Face Mask
  • ESD Non-woven Face Mask
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Mingda ESD Non-woven Face Mask
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ESD Non-woven Face Mask

Features of the esd face mask

  • Conforms to EN14683,2005IIR standards with CE marking.
  • Non-woven material with air permeability.
  • Nelson test in USA :99% BFE at 3 micron, breathing resistance < 5mm H20
  • Flat type,4ply pleated design,adjustable noseband.
  • Unique surface water resistant with soft lining.
  • Size:17.5cm*9.5cm
  • Suitable for the removal of bad odor, organic vapor from polluted, environment, auto and motorcycles.
  • Packing: 50pcs/box;1000pcs/carton,650cartons(650,000pcs)/20'container

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