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ESD Cordless Wrist Strap
  • ESD Cordless Wrist Strap
  • ESD Cordless Wrist Strap
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Mingda ESD cordless wrist strap widely used in Electronic components manufacturing production line,SMT assembly line,test departments,The material warehouse and Dust-free workshop.
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ESD Cordless Wrist Strap

Features of the esd cordless wrist strap

1.This product does not contain the harmful material,such as SHgNH3+Pb. The contact electric conductively with the human  body is 104-106Ω,surface is 108-1010Ω,meets the international  standard of ESD.

2. Novel structure, using the number of streamline design, automatic buckle lock mode, easy to adjust

3. Made from the conductive elastic material, which is Good elasticity, soft, comfortable, safe and durable. No dust, do not fade, resistance to tear open and wash.

4. The connecting line using the anti-static material, which can effectively prevent the impact and damage of the reverse current, to give the electronic components comprehensive production.

The ESD Wrist Strap Technical parameters:

1. The contact electric conductively with the human body is 104-106Ω,surface is 108-1010Ω

2. The wrist strap hardness is 45 HA;

3. The friction voltage is less than 50 v

4. static electricity failure period is less than 0.2 S.

Test methods of the esd cordless wrist strap

1. Using the surface resistance tester to test its conductive coefficient between any two points;

2. Using the hardness tester to test its softness;

3. Using the field strength tester to test the friction voltage;

4. Using electrostatic attenuation instrument testing its static failure cycle.

ESD Wrist Band Application

1. Electronic components manufacturing production line.

2. SMT assembly line

3. Test departments.

4. The material warehouse

5. Dust-free workshop