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ESD Cleanroom Cotton Swab
  • ESD Cleanroom Cotton Swab
  • ESD Cleanroom Cotton Swab
  • ESD Cleanroom Cotton Swab
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Mingda esd cleanroom cotton swab
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ESD Cleanroom Cotton Swab

Description of the esd cleanroom cotton

  • swabs possess good quality and cleaning capability, It is used for HDD, optics instrument, medical device or vacuum equipment.
  • Foam swab head provides good particle and residue removal without any abrasion.
  • Unique thermal bonding and cleaning process ensure a minimum of particle shedding from foam seal. 
  • The handle is made from a patented inherently polymer to provide clean , permanent protection without contributing particulate contaminates to the clearoom.

Advantages of the cotton swab

  • Swab head is made of polyurethane sponge and possesses excellent absorptive capacity
  • Thermal bonding head, no chemical bond contamination.
  • Convenient for cleaning small slotted and grooved areas.
  • Good absorbency and excellent solvent hold
  • Low nonvolatile residue
  • No contaminating adhesives
  • No silicone oil, Amide and DOP

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