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Cleanroom Sticky Roller  Accessories
  • Cleanroom Sticky Roller  Accessories
  • Cleanroom Sticky Roller Accessories
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Different size of the sticky roller ans accessories can be customized.
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Cleanroom Sticky Roller Accessories

Sticky Roller Features

  • The length of the silicone can reach to 30-406mm. Outside diameter 20-30mm, both ends have bearing.
  • Mingda Sticky roller is formed by the reaction of silicone with critical raw materials,which with the self-adhesive features removal products. 
  • The S sticky rolley surface smooth as a mirror, moderate viscosity, lightweight, particle size less than 2um.
  • The sticky roller can be effective adhesion hair, dander, dust and other impurities, and can easily transferred the impurities to the sticky paper to ensure silicone long-term self-adhesive.
  • Antistatic ABS handle and antistatic aluminum alloy handle , high flexibility, good electrical properties, antistatic, Moistureproof waterproof rub resistant, non-toxic no rust and no pollution

Kinds of sticky roller
  • Plastic frame with rubber handle                       Specifications  : Bent handle 6/12 inch, Straight handle 6/12 inch 
  • Aluminum alloy frame with rubber handle          Specifications : 4 inch, 6 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch, 12 inch.
  • Aluminum frame with plastic handle                   Specifications:  4 inch, 6 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch, 12 inch.
  • Aluminum frame with aluminum alloy handle      Specifications : 4 inch, 6 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch, 12 inch.
  • Flat aluminum sheet frame                                Specifications:  5mm, 10mm, 1 inch, 1.2 inch, 2 inch, 3 inch, 4 inch.

Note:    1. The size can be customized according to the customers requirment.

               2.  Four kinds of the stickness to choose : high stickness ,medium stickness ,low stickness , none stickness

Advantages of the  sticky roller
  •  Formulation guarantees the viscous products durable, not easy ageing, not flaky.
  •  Using comfortable, rollers rotate freely.
  • The sticky roller can remove tiny pollutants, with sticky paper recycling.
  •  High antistatic, widely used in circuit boards, display, printing, clean-room and electronics industries. The sticky roller can professional cleaning the dust of PVC film and IC cards, and static electronic label.

Application of the sticky rollery

  • Mingda sticky roller is widely used in circuit boards PCB, LCD , light guide plates, precision printing, SMT, cleanroom, semiconductor and other industries production, the cleaning tools for surface treatment