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Cleanroom Mop
  • Cleanroom Mop
  • Cleanroom Mop
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Mingda cleanroom mop
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Cleanroom Mop 

Description of the Cleanroom Mop 

  • Mophead owns a character of liquid keeping ability, and will not come out thrum. Besides the traditional mophead, there are also roller one and socket style one. 
  • The socket style one will clean dust and put it into washing bag and then the dust could be removed with sewage which will not pollute the floor again. 
  • The roller one could wipe the static electric protection rubber mat effectively. 
  • When used without water, it will put up good brushing effect. When used wetly, it will removing tiny dust effectively.

Features of the Cleanroom Mop 

  • liquid keeping ability
  • roller mophead or socket style mophead
  • remove tiny dust effectively when wet

Dust-free Mop Application 

  • The dust-free mop designed for semiconductor, micro-electronics, pharmacy, biology technique and medical treatment equipment, used to clean lab and operation area