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Anti-static Documents Folder
  • Anti-static Documents Folder
  • Anti-static Documents Folder
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Mingda Anti-static Documents Folder
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Anti-static Documents Folder

Features of the Anti-static Documents Folder

  • Basic material: the antistatic plastic 
  • Specification: A4.( Width:40mm) 
  • Test data:Surface resistance: 10 E4-10E6 ohms
  • Friction voltage: 0 - 30 v 

Application of the documents folder

  • Widely used in dust-free workshop, purifying workshop, photovoltaic, LED /PCB/ electronics factory, electric electronic instruments, wafer,LCD/LCM/LED chips, photoelectric optical, the semiconductor chip, Pharmaceutical Chemicals, precision machinery, Health and care equipment, microelectronics, aerospace, military industry.Electronic components , LCD products, photoelectric integration products ,Aerospace manufacturing and other production areas