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Anti-static Brush MD-9900184
  • Anti-static Brush MD-9900184
  • Anti-static Brush MD-9900184
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  • Model:MD-9900184
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Mingda anti-static brush can remove the the electrostatic which is generate by the pcb board and other sensitive device. The esd brush is widely used in the cleaning, washing ,and packing area.
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Anti-static Brush

Features of the anti-static brush

  • The Brush hair uses the conductive PA material,
  • The handle of the anti-static brush uses the conductive pp material
  • Dust-free ,heat-resistant .
  • Mingda anti-static brush removes dirt on PCB or other sensitive components ,and discharges the static electricity to the ground  
  • Mingda anti-static brush is widely used in the cleaning, washing ,and packing area.