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Antistatic Tweezer 93305
  • Antistatic Tweezer 93305
  • Antistatic Tweezer 93305
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  • Model:MD-9900097
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Mingda esd tweezers is widely used in microelectronics, computers, communications, semiconductor assembly.Precision components and biological medicine, chemical industry, small parts, etc.Micro sensor production, installation, transfer,
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Antistatic Tweezer 93305

Antistatic Tweezer Features

  • The material of the antistatic tweezer is plastic
  • The esd tweezer has a good hardness ,elasticity and toughness, high temperature, acid and alkali resistant, easy to use ,flexible operation.


Application of the Antistatic Tweezer

  • The series of the antistatic tweezer are widely used in microelectronics, computers, communications, semiconductor assembly.
  • Precision components and biological medicine, chemical industry, small parts, etc.
  • Micro sensor production, installation, transfer,
  • The electrostatic sensitive components processing installation.