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5B-SA Stainless Tweezers
  • 5B-SA Stainless Tweezers
  • 5B-SA Stainless Tweezers
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  • Model:MD-9900130
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Mingda SA stainless tweezers are the supper precision ,high exactitude , exceed hard antimagnetic anti-acid and non-corrosive.
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5B-SA Stainless Tweezers

Features of the SA Stainless Tweezers

  • The stainless tweezers is supper precision ,high exactitude , exceed hard.  
  • Antimagnetic anti-acid ,non-corrosive
  • The hardness of tips is very good, not easy deformation, can be used for a very long time.

SA Stainless Tweezers Application

Mingda stainless tweezers is widely used in electronics, clocks and watches, jewelry, chemical, laboratory, medicine, technology, mobile phones,  glasses, digital camera, LCD TV, optical pickup, computer, LCD car navigation, car audio, air conditioning, electric heaters, counters, residential illuminator, lighting machines, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, microwave oven, gas appliances, car side mirrors, auto electric parts, car tail lights, car thousands of lights, TV game machines, printers, communications equipment, copy machine, air compressor machine, electric tools, etc.

Specification of the 5B-SA stainless tweezers

  • Material:302
  • Specification:115mm
  • Magnetism:none
  • Rigidity:HRC40