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The purpose of anti-static and the general principle

Electrostatic the fundamental purpose of protection in electronic components, components, equipment manufacturing and use, through various means of protection to prevent electrostatic discharge and mechanical effects arising from or 
The possible harm or endanger these restrictions to a minimum, to ensure that the components, components and equipment design and performance of the use of performance will not be damaged as a result of electrostatic effect. 
We have already mentioned the front, the electronics industry against static electricity is the main form of electrostatic discharge caused by the mutation of the components and potential failure expire, thus causing a decline in performance or machine failure 
. Therefore, static electricity protection and control of the main purpose should be to control electrostatic discharge, which is to prevent the occurrence of electrostatic discharge or ESD energy-sensitive devices down to all the damage threshold under 

In principle, static electricity protection from electrostatic control of the production and control of static electricity to dissipate the two aspects of controlling static electricity is generated and process control technology in the process of selection of materials; control of static electricity to dissipate quickly and are mainly static electricity safely to China And put in and; both the result of static electricity so that it may level does not exceed the safety limit to static electricity protection