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Static on the human body and control

According to medical experts, the human body static electricity will bring a certain degree of hazard. Static electricity generated by human interference can change the normal human body surface potential difference, the impact of cardiac electrophysiology of the normal course of ECG and non-interference in the normal conduction. This static electricity can increase the patient or disease-induced premature beat, and so on, static electricity will be long-lasting alkaline elevated blood, resulting in serum calcium content of the decline, increased excretion of calcium, which cause itchy skin, pigmentation, the impact on people Physiological balance of the body, interfere with people's emotions, and so on. 
Computer workers face a lot more red hair, facial pigmentation, and other diseases, due to static electricity generated by the computer screen to attract a large number of suspended dust, so that his face caused by stimulation. In addition, the elderly than young people relatively dry skin, coupled with the aging of the cardiovascular system, factors such as the anti-jamming capability weakened, more vulnerable to static electricity hazards, cause of cardiovascular disease. 
In winter the air is too dry, skin and clothing easily between static electricity, high-voltage static moment are up to tens of thousands of volts, resulting in the human body does not apply. Some of the daily life of static electricity generated by the investigation and had observed, walking on the carpet can produce 1,500 to 35,000-volt electricity, vinyl resin around on the floor can produce 250 to 12,000-volt electricity, indoor buttocks in the chair will Yiceng Produced more than 1,800 volts of electricity. The level of electricity depends primarily on the ambient air humidity. Generally static over 7000 V, who will have a sense of shock. Related information shows that the static electricity to the human body has a very big danger. The static electricity will enable lasting alkali in the blood increased, decreased serum calcium, urinary calcium excretion increases, which are growth and development of children, the elderly very low levels of calcium, and calcium to be a lot of Pregnant women and lactating mothers is even worse. Excessive accumulation of static electricity in the human body, but also cause nerve conduction current abnormal cell membrane and affect central nervous system, leading to the body and blood pH change in the characterization of oxygen affects the body's physiological balance, it appears dizziness, headache, irritability, Insomnia, loss of appetite, trance, and other symptoms. Electrostatic blood circulation will interfere with the body, the immune and nervous system, affecting all organs (especially the heart) of the work, likely to cause heart rate and abnormal heart beats. In the winter, about one-third of cardiovascular disease and about static electricity. Inflammable and explosive regions in the human body with static electricity will cause a fire. 
How to control static? 
With the onset of winter static electricity problems come up again in our lives, work. The proper anti-static and the proper use of Static Control is what we are more concerned about the issue. Static Control, of course, anti-static materials, the type of very large, but The main can be classified as anti-static pad to Taiwan, anti-static tools: First of all, from a fundamental human need for anti-static Static Control should be the following: 
Anti-static clothing and anti-static wrist band 
Anti-static wrist strap clothing and the elimination of human anti-static is an important component of the system can help eliminate or control the human body static electricity generation, thus reducing the manufacturing process of the main sources of static electricity. 
Anti-static clothing, including Siamese anti-static cloth, anti-static sub-serving, anti-static coat, anti-static shoes, caps, antistatic gloves, anti-static sets of fingers, anti-static wrist band, and so on. Anti-static clothing is a different color of the anti-static cloth made of. Yarn fabrics with a certain proportion of conductive yarns, conductive yarn turn a certain percentage of stainless steel fibers or other conductive fibers and fiber blends from the ordinary. Conductive fibers through the corona discharge and the role of the leakage of static electricity on the Elimination of clothing. As the stainless steel fibers in the metals sector fiber, so it woven into the fabric of the anti-static conductive properties of stability, not with the frequency of washing clothes and change. 
Anti-static wrist band is the operator of electronic components in contact with the most important Static Control, grounding through the channel, the human body can be brought about by the electrostatic Hean to thank the entire release. It consists of elastic anti-static, according to the activities of the deduction, a spring soft line. Protection of the resistance and the composition of the plug or chuck. The elastic inner layer with anti-static yarn weaving, knitting yarn common with the outer layer. 
Anti-static packaging and transportation products.
Very anti-static packaging products, such as anti-static shielding bags, anti-static bags, anti-static sponge, anti-static IC packaging tubes, anti-static devices box, anti-static turnover box, anti-static and anti-static bubble film, and other vehicles. Packaging of these products with anti-static shielding conductor static electricity, with most of the static dissipative materials, some of them with anti-static materials. The purpose of all of the load circuit or device and the printed circuit protection from electrostatic effect 
Anti-static floor mats
Anti-static  floor mats static electricity protection project was also essential. Anti-static floor mats are a combination of factors, according to the time-sensitive, permanent and temporary; according to the materials are sub-conductive rubber, PVC, such as conductive ceramic; laying by the way, there are laid directly on the ground and the overhead Activities on the floor. According to actual needs and the cost of the decision. If the ground need to take a variety of cable channels such as the environment, anti-choice computer overhead laying on the floor of the activity is better. 
Anti-static pad is the main anti-static adhesive panels for desktop pad catch, the line of work table, shelf and making mats and so on. Material surface is divided into green, conductive material is anti-static agent; to the bottom of black, conductive material is carbon black. 
In addition to the above-mentioned three categories of products, there are a number of other Static Control Products, such as anti-static electric iron, anti-static chairs, anti-static bag repair, and so on. One anti-static process in the post-iron and maintenance of a very common. General electric iron welding in the static sensitive components need to unplug the power supply, and the use of anti-static iron Warm DC power supply, heating elements have a choice of multi-temperature characteristics of static electricity on a small capacitance material can greatly reduce a variety of miscellaneous signal interference . In addition, iron can also be ground for static electricity, could be further elimination of iron heads of the various signals. Therefore, when welding without power for the first out.